If anyone reading this is planning to attend the San Diego Comic-Con, please feel free to drop by my table. I will be sharing a table with Flaming Artist in the Small Press Pavillion (P-13) and will be present on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll actually be getting in late on Friday, but there’s little chance that I will have time to set anything up, not only because of the vagarities of Southern California traffic, but because if I do get in, I will want to check out some of the GLBT programming that is happening on Friday afternoon; however, copies of SHIRTLIFTER #1 will be available via the Prism Comics (Booth #2148)booth throughout the con. I will also be doing a signing at the Prism Booth on Sunday from 11:00 – noon, and wandering around at some of the gay comics mixers. Is that enough for 2.5 days?

As for what will actually be for sale at the table — I’ll have copies of the STICKY hardcover and SHIRTLIFTER #1; a special SHIRTLIFTER #0 which reprints in one minicomic all the things I’ve done for various anthologies; a bunch of color greeting cards, and 13 x 19″ signed prints of some of my comics pages / illustrations. Which is way too much for a small table, but we shall hopefully cope.

Hope to see some of you there. Say hi, I’ve never been and I don’t know what to expect.