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For those of you in major metropolitan areas who wish to get copies of Shirtlifter but hate the time and expense of mail order, I have at least some good news. Toronto citizens can get copies from The Beguiling (Chris Butcher got some copies directly from me in San Diego); copies are also on their way to Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York and Zanadu in Seattle.

 If you know of some retailers who you think may wish to carry the book, have them contact to arrange something. I’m not going through Diamond because they think “the writing is not yet up to the standards of the comic book industry”. Which is odd, in the sense that I didn’t know that the comic book industry had any standards. And while the book is far from perfect and I think it’s fair to say that the writing has some problems, I know that there are books out there that are far worse.  Which is fine: I’m all for raising the standards of the comic book industry by any means necessary, but I have suspicions that the content of the book had more to do with their designation that the horribleness of my writing.

Anyway, I didn’t mean this to be a bitch session; the situation is what it is, and until that changes, retailers can only get the book from me or from Last Gasp. I will post on this weblog the names of all retailers who carry the book, so keep checking back and maybe a city in YOUR neck of the woods will pop up.

5 thoughts on “Getting Shirts Lifted

  1. I read a press relase for Shirtlifter on so I called up my local queer bookstore and asked them to order one for me. Maybe they will get the hint and order more. I think they are currently out of the Sticky hardcover. Anyway, the store is Lambda Rising in Washington, DC.

  2. Hey Steve,

    I just saw this now and I’m sorry that Diamond didn’t pick up your book. I think their reasoning is pretty fucking suspect as well. I’ll e-mail you in a little bit.

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  4. “Which is odd, in the sense that I didn’t know that the comic book industry had any standards.”

    Snort! Ha! That was a good one. Sorry to hear about your troubles, but thanks for the laugh. I really needed one today.

    Best of luck. Don’t know any retailers in particular, but you might want to check the “indie friendly comics store list” at .

  5. Hi Chris:

    Thanks for the review! I’ve posted some comments about it, and the Diamond situation, at the top of the blog. I appreciate the criticism.

    Hi Scott:
    Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, the “indie store” list is a good resource. I’ve been working with Tony Shenton, who’s helped place me with some of his regular clients. I will probably pursue more of those stores more agressively when #2 is closer to being complete.

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