Today I start a new webcomic at Joey Manley’s new webcomics portal, The strip will be a free online serilization of new adult work. Every Sunday I’ll post a new page of art from the short story I’m working on until it is complete; then the cycle will start again with a new short story. The first effort will be a short called “Pas de Deux”; it’s currently about 6 pages but will wind up being about 10 when it’s finished.
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The stories in “Roughs” will likely not be the same as what will eventually see print. As you may guess from the title “Roughs” refers not only to a type of guy, but the fact that this work is not 100% complete. Which doesn’t mean that I’m going to put up unfinished drawings — the works are going to tell as complete as I can make them. But I am a compulsive reviser, and my first iteration of a drawing or story is not always my best one. I frequently add material to the first draft of a story — inserting and rearranging panels to make more narrative or aesthetic sense. Even this first story is already complete, but feels short to me, so I will be inserting material as the pages go live in the coming weeks.

Anyway, is set up with .rss feeds and the like, so if you want to subscribe to the comic without having to remember to check for updates every Sunday, that’s an easy thing to do. I invite you all to watch over my shoulder as I start creating a new body of work.

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