Signing – ADL SF- September 22

I’m going to be doing another signing at A Different Light, only this one will be at the San Francisco location (489 Castro Street if you’ve never been). This won’t be a solo event — I’m signing along with Justin Hall, who will be premiering the second issue of HARD TO SWALLOW, the porn comic anthology that he splits with Dave Davenport — they both do their own stories, but share the title. They also invite a guest artist to participate in each issue, and that’s going to be me in the second issue. and the copies at the signing will be hot off the press. I’ll also be signing copies of SHIRTLIFTER and STICKY, while Justin will also likely be selling/signing copies of his very good series True Travel Tales.

Copies of HARD TO SWALLOW #1 are available at fine LGBT and comic bookstores nationwide, as well as various places online, and come highly recommended. I shared a table with both these guys at APE, and they’re good folks — I’m happy to be in such fine company.

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