More Retail Tales

Here’s an updated list of retailers who are carrying my comic book SHIRTLIFTER:

-The Comicshop – Vancouver, BC, CANADA
-RX Comics – Vancouver, BC, CANADA
-Little Sisters Books – Vancouver, BC, CANADA
-The Beguiling – Toronto, ON, CANADA

-A Different Light – San Francisco, CA, USA
-Chicago Comics – Chicago, IL, USA
-Zanadu – Seattle, WA, USA
-Jim Hanley’s Universe – New York, NY, USA
-Golden Apple – Los Angeles, CA, USA

If you want to get a copy without the hassle of mail-order and you don’t see your favorite GLBT or comics shop on this list, send your retailers my way. Stores that order 5 copies get free shipping AND a 50% discount of of cover. Inquiries can be directed to

For those interested, I’m working on the second issue right now. Likely will be out in the new year.

One thought on “More Retail Tales

  1. Hi Steve – just wanted to let you know that I picked up Shirtlifters at Comic Relief in Berkeley. It was back in July but I’m sure they are still carrying it.

    Look forward to the next one!

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