Cruising at Bar Code

I posted this to the Engine, but just in case anyone happens to read this who may have a clue, feel free to jump in.

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It is very-likely that a non-DM distributor is going to take a bunch of copies of my already printed first issue of SHIRTLIFTER for distribution. In order to do this, they need a barcode and ISBN number to put it into their system. Since it was a floppy, it never even occurred to me to have a barcode put on the book. The silly man will not be repeating that mistake in the future.

Now, while I know how to hold of an ISBN number, and understand how to generate a barcode, I’m not sure about the best way to get those pesky barcodes printed and stuck onto the comics. I’m assuming that self-printed inkjet or laser-labels aren’t going to fly, and I would also prefer a label that’s removable, if possible. The covers are a pretty thick, coated stock, so i think the labels should peel off if I find ones with the right kind of adhesive. I just have no idea what that adhesive might be.

This is not something I’ve ever even thought about before — I’m sure there must be commercial printers that do this kind of thing, as I’ve seen post-printed stickers applied to CDs and books before, but I have no idea what to even ask for. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing, or be able to point me in the right direction? It would be much appreciated.

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  1. It seems like you would like to have the bar code printed on a label. Not a problem! Not expensive!
    Hear are the options:

    A. Print on a coated label that’s removable. Very inexpensive regardless of the quantity. Also, use a aqueous coating on the cover instead of varnish, it’s harder to ruin the cover with aqueous coating and it won’t cost that much more.

    B. If you don’t want the label to be removed use a permeant sticker, but it’ll never come off period! An option can be to affix the sticker to inside cover or inside back cover.

    C. Print the barcode on a IRC label. (OK, what’s an IRC label? I’m glad you asked! They’re the little coupons attached to items at the grocery store you peel off the package at the register for instant savings. They’re attached to the product with a clear film so when you pull them off you only see a clear film. More expensive than the other options.

    D. Print the barcode at the same time the cover is printed. Bar codes are a dime a dozen to produce. It won’t cost anything additional. If someone is charging you extra, you’re getting ripped off.


  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Robert — you sound like you know your stuff! The books are already printed, so D isn’t really an option. And I would like them to be removable. I think A or C will be my best options — thanks for the info!

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