Miss Cellanea

The ADL SF signing went really well. It was nice to see a few familar faces that I met at APE. I didn’t know it was going to be a READING though. Next time that happens I will be prepared.

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Another store to add: It was posted in the comments last week that SHIRTLIFTER is also available through Comic Relief in Berkeley, which is a HUGE relief, since they’re such a good bookstore. I guess they must have stocked the book through Last Gasp (they definitely didn’t get it from me). If you happen to see it anywhere else that I haven’t listed on the blog drop a comment and let me know.

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I’m going to be at the Los Angeles Erotic Art Fair in West Hollywood next weekend. This is sponsored by the Tom of Finland Foundation, and will be my second year there, last year being my first ever public appearance as an artist. In addition to copies of the STICKY hardcover and SHIRTLIFTER, there will be cards, art prints, and my special “Well-Hung Christmas” ornaments. Also, either at my table or his own will be Dave Davenport, with copies of the new Hard to Swallow (in which I have a story). October 8 – 9 at Plummer Park in WeHo — come on by if you are in town.

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The first story (such as it is) on the Roughs webcomic wound up on Wednesday. Although I’ll get back to more straightahead porn, the next two things are going to expand the palette somewhat. First up, starting Sunday I’m putting up a Duotoned and slightly-redrawn version of “Safe”, a comic that appeared in APLA’s anthology Turnover last year. After that, I will begin serializing the story which comprise Shiftlifter #2. While the webcomic will be x-rated, I wouldn’t count on all the explicit stuff making it into the print version. I also wouldn’t NOT count on it either. The point is that I revise a LOT – usually I wind up overwriting and then chopping things back. So don’t be surprised if the strip is a bit frustrating in “a two panels every three days” format. I am very much treating the webcomic as part of my process, rather than an end in and of itself. It is basically a deadline to get things done, but the final iteration is whatever sees print. I know that’s not very webcomixy of me, and I apologize. I never HAVE been very good at drawing in public.

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I can’t figure out if T-shirts might be a good thing to do or a complete waste of time. In my experience, people REALLY don’t walk around with gay erotic images on their shirts. I’d consider doing some less sexually charged images though – maybe faces or something? Anyone want to weigh in pro or con? Or know a good silk-screener in the LA area?

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2 thoughts on “Miss Cellanea

  1. hi Steve! We met once when you were in Vancouver last year. I popped back on your site and found your blog here, so I’ll be dropping in more often. Hope all’s well with you.

    re: t-shirts
    Been there, done that. I sell stuff at Cafepress now, instead of doing it all myself (had a great screenprinter here in town) and while I don’t have huge sales, I actually MAKE money now, and without it costing me more than a couple of bucks a month. This way, you can have the t-shirts “out there” without it being a huge financial burden.

    And, I’d totally buy a t-shirt with your work on it. The dirtier the better! 😛


  2. Hey Luc, great to hear from you. I did a one-off STICKY shirt at Cafe Press, and have thought about it — it’s just so expensive, especially for relatively simple (one color) printing. I’m thinking about it, though.

    Your cartoons are great! Lovely style. Thanks for posting.

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