Store problem fixed

Noticed when updating the page yesterday that the comics and cards pages in the store weren’t working for some reason, even through I tested everything before uploading and they were fine. I fixed the problem and the shopping cart works again. So if you had a problem in the last week, it should be fine now. If it isn’t, please let me know.

You Can Tell Us Anything

Unpacking some boxes I haven’t looked at since moving to California, I just came across some old copies of my very first mini, “You Can Tell Us Anything”. The timing is interesting, because I just have just recently started on the process of redrawing it as an opening sequence for SHIRTLIFTER #2, so its interesting seeing this work in its original form.

It was a limited edition silkscreen of 150, although even in the edition they were all different. When making the mini, I pulled screens with three different colors – one yellow, one magenta, one cyan. Some copies of the books are entirely one color throughout, some contain all three. The drawing is hit or miss, the cropping on the books is pretty ragged, and my serigraphy skills far from perfect (hello black smears), but there it is — my first public art object, in a form that will never be reprinted. So if you’re interested, will have copies available for purchase in APE in April, but I also just put it up on the online store. EDIT: The book is now sold out.

I really liked silksreening, and would love to work with the medium again. If I can figure out how to get access to appropraite facilities in Los Angeles, I’ll probably do another one.

In Plain Sight in QUEERBAIT #1

My comic “In Plain Sight” is part of the first issue of Print-on-Demand anthology Queerbait. The focus is on GLBT cartoonists, mostly doing superhero or genre inspired material. Though my piece is actually autobiographical, it fits in due to the subject matter, which is about secret identities. It’s a revised version of one of my first comic strips — I did the first version 6 years ago. The first one and a half pages are written almost identically to the original, but it is now two pages longer and completely redrawn.

This actually came out at the end of last year, but I was away at the time and never got around to posting it. Also still haven’t seen a copy of the book in question, but Tony Smith said that he’d be mailing me one this week. See below for the first few panels of the story. You can purchase the book through Indy Planet , or as a digital downloand through the Heroscribe website.

Store Redesign and Update

I’ve redesigned the store interface slightly, so that it is slightly more navigable. The Comics are on their own page now, as are cards and prints, both of which have had material added to them. To celebrate, I’m having a “new open” sale on cards and prints – basically 5 cards of your choice for $16/2 prints for $60. Both have shipping costs included in the price — actually, everything in the store is now shipping included. To see the update, click on the store tab above or go to if you’re reading this via an .rss feed.

Broken Pencil STICKY Review

We’re their graphic novel of the issue! Broken Pencil is Canada’s answer to Factsheet 5 — lots of reviews of independent zines, comics, books, and other forms of media.

STICKY is still available — click the links on the blog menu to connect to your preferred source of purchase.