I am one of 5 artists who have been awarded a 2007 Xeric Grant. The grant is given out twice per year by the Xeric Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Peter Laird, one of the creators of the ever popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Since the Turtles started off as a self-published comic book, the Foundation was founded in 1992 to support comics self-publishers by assisting with the printing and distribution costs of publication.

The grant means that I will be able to publish the second issue of SHIRTLIFTER as a 56 page, full-color, perfect bound periodical. The second issue will collect short pieces from various publications over the past five years, alongside two new pieces. Most of the pieces have been revised or redrawn, and most are loosely autobiographical. One of the pieces from the book, “Waiting for the Bus”, has just finished serialization over at my Roughs strip on Adultwebcomics.com; you can navigate to the archives by using the scroll menu underneath the current strip(Warning: Not Safe for Work).

Most of the work is already completed–I’m currently working on finishing up the the second new story. I’m planning should be ready for the Toronto Comics Art Festival in August, which I will be attending.

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