While going through the logs for this website, I came across a referring link to this LiveJournal entry from Mattycub. I’ve met both he and his boyfriend a couple times now — once at last year’s San Diego Comicon and again at the LA Bizarre Bizarre. At Comicon they bought the above 13 ” x 19″ print from me – a blow up of the cover to the STICKY hardcover. Anyway, the print hangs in their bedroom, and he took a poll of his LiveJournal friends to see whether or not they should take it down while the parental units were visiting (and staying in their bedroom). The comments are kind of interesting; I generally don’t think of that picture as being really explicit, especially when compared to some of my other work. However, reading Matt’s post reminds me that when I display that print while exhibiting, it generally always gets three reactions: 1) The flinch (generally done by straight guys) 2) Nervous Laughter (generally done by straight women) and 3) “Cool!” (Generally done by gay guys and the women who love them). It’s not exactly a neutral image.

I don’t think I’ve ever had to “de-gay” my apartment, because I don’t generally ever have much on the walls to begin with. But if it were me I would likely take it down; my parents don’t even KNOW that I drew STICKY. They tend to be a bit prudish; 12 years in, they’re still struggling to come to terms with my sexuality, and when I was a young pup writing and performing in a lot of theatre, they would flinch at all the “bad language” in my work. Seeing a big ol print of fondling musclebears would be shock enough for them; knowing that their son draws that kind of stuff would really be a case of TMI.

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