Just in case it got buried in the text from yesterday, I have overhauled the comics section of the website, which now features previews of each of the stories in the new issue of SHIRTLIFTER, as well as four complete stories: “Mantras”, “Making A Scene” “In Plain Sight”, and “You Can Tell Us Anything”. Although none of these stories are new to the site, all of the stories in the book have been somewhat updated, and in the case of “In Plain Sight” and “You Can Tell Us Anything”, substantially revised. There are also preview pages for two brand spanking new stories: “Border Crossings” and “You Do The Math”, which at 10 and 8 pages respectively total up to 1/3 of the new issue, so you can get a taste for them here.

I’ve added an entry for the second issue to the webstore. It’s being printed next week, be able to ship them out by the end of the month. It should also be more widely available than the first — I’ll have the details on retail in the coming weeks as well.

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