Dale Lazarov, who I worked with on STICKY, has a new webcomic up at AdultWebcomics. His new strip is called FANCY, and is drawn by accomplished European illustrator Delic Van Loond. Dale writes that “FANCY is a series of man-on-man erotic fantasy comics – barbarians, princes, wizards and woodsmen who find love and lust in sensual, enchanted landscapes. The first story currently being serialized from FANCY is “Hospitality”, a tale of a wandering barbarian swordsman who finds shelter, comfort, tenderness and hot, hard sex in the arms of a burly village blacksmith.”

The strip is going to update every Saturday. I am also looking into adding a live chat Looks good so far — I especially like Delic’s color palette. Glad to see that I am no longer “the only gay in the village” over at Adultwebcomics.

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