Shirtlifter Retailers

Happy 2008 everybody!

I have just completed an update of the website with a list of retailers who carry my series SHIRTLIFTER. Many of these are traditional comics outlsets, some are gay and lesbian bookstores; a few are more general booksellers and progressive media outlets. if you’re in any of the cities listed and have not yet picked up a copy of my work, doing so through one of the retailers on this list will help me keep my work in the public eye by encouraging them to reorder my books. You’ll be helping to support both me AND the in danger of dissappearing independent retailer.

Also, if you know of store that you think should be carrying my work but isn’t, please get in touch. I can deal with retailers directly, or put them in touch with one of the distributors that carries my work.

Happy holidays! New year’s resolution is to be increasing the frequency / quantity of updates both here and over at my online strip Roughs. So you’ll be hearing from me more frequently.