B.E.C. B.L. @ C.A.M

There will be a book launch for the Best Erotic Comics Anthology (see a couple posts down) on Thursday, February 28, held at and co-hosted by the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. Event starts at 7 PM; still waiting a confirmed lineup of cartoonists, but I know that I’ll be there, as will Hard to Swallow masterminds Justin Hall and Dave Davenport. More details when i get them, but just thought I’d give a heads up to those of you in the Bay Area that this is happening.

Oh, and there’s also lots of LGBT specific programming happening in SF surrounding this weekend’s Wondercon, but I’m not going to be there, so you have to go somewhere else to find out about that.


Issues One and Two of my comic book series SHIRTLIFTER are now available through bookselling juggernaut Amazon.com. Honestly, I’m a bit ambivilant: I would quite honestly much rather that you pick it up from your local brick and mortar comic or GLBT bookstore (a list of those stores who have carried my work is here), the truth of the matter is that most of you probably can’t. If you don’t live in one of these cities on the list, the easiest way for anybody to get SHIRTLIFTER is through me directly. But most people don’t do that kind of direct mail-order, and I recognize that; I’m more or less the same way. It’s alot easier to dump something into your shopping cart, along with a lot of other things you;’ve been meaning to buy anyway. And though my Amazon titles are not discounted, you can get free shipping if your order totals over $25. The Amazon listing also is legitimizing for a lot of people: for a lot of people, your book doesn’t exist unless its listed on Amazon, so this makes me seem more like a real publisher. So: there you have it. If you’ve been meaning to pick up the books, this would be a great time to do so.

BTW, I’m pretty close to sold out on Issue 1, and it’s NOT going to be reprinted for a loooooooong time. And when it is, it will have some major changes to both the art and format. So this is sort of last call on this edition.

Best Erotic Comics 2008

This high-quality anthology of literary smut is finally available! Published by Last Gasp and edited by Greta Christina, the book includes “Talk Show Queers”, my first ever collaboration with Dale Lazarov, originally printed in STICKY #2 and later reprinted (with corrected color) in Bruno Gmuender’s hardcover edition.

It’s got a killer line up of cartoonists, including a lot of favorites: Daniel Clowes, Gilbert Hernandez, Molly Kiely, Jessica Fink, Ellen Forney, Phoebe Gloeckner, and, on the queer side, Belasco, Colleen Coover, Dave Davenport, Justin Hall, and Ralf Konig.

The anthology is available in a wide variety of places, but here’s the amazon link. Really looking forward to seeing my copy!