Best Erotic Comics 2008

This high-quality anthology of literary smut is finally available! Published by Last Gasp and edited by Greta Christina, the book includes “Talk Show Queers”, my first ever collaboration with Dale Lazarov, originally printed in STICKY #2 and later reprinted (with corrected color) in Bruno Gmuender’s hardcover edition.

It’s got a killer line up of cartoonists, including a lot of favorites: Daniel Clowes, Gilbert Hernandez, Molly Kiely, Jessica Fink, Ellen Forney, Phoebe Gloeckner, and, on the queer side, Belasco, Colleen Coover, Dave Davenport, Justin Hall, and Ralf Konig.

The anthology is available in a wide variety of places, but here’s the amazon link. Really looking forward to seeing my copy!

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