My Spambots’ English Proficiency is increasing!

Time was, all of the messages caught by my spam filter would look more or less something like this:

“kellie vogue ts coffee heart attack music from mask”


“rare converse graffiti ebony adrianna teen porn latina female shaking clicks hammered incest video”

But now, I’m getting posts which look more like this:

“Hey!…Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts about Getting Shirts Lifted comin..holy Sunday!”


“i was searching for tyler christopher and i came across your post and it is definitely the most sensible thing i have seen in a long time, and in my opinion you got something good going here, i have to get my friends to subscribe to your post about Getting Shirts Lifted.”

Those last two examples ALMOST resemble real English! Whoever’s been teaching the Spambot ESL classes should be congratulated. The syntax of those second sentences is SO much better. Now, if only the instructor can teach them to stay on topic!

These two are definitely the star pupils, though. The other 2,879 pieces of spam that I just removed from my filter are still pretty much a mess.

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