A panel from a page I’m working on for “Unpacking”, my graphic novel in progress at www.adultwebcomics.com/comics/macisaac.php. In the final version of this panel there’s another figure on the left, and word balloons running along the top of the panel, so it looks much more crowded. I like the sparseness of this as is, so I’m putting it up, even though the composition as it exists here doesn’t work on the final page.

One of the thing I like about working digitally is that it’s possible to “remix” work. So even if the final is going to look different, the different stages in the process can still exist separately and have integrity as images, even if they’re different in tone and effect than the final result.

This Fire Is Out of Control….

Or was, at any rate, but not anymore. Apparently a transformer blew up in the building that hosts Adultwebcomics.com. The Fire Department has the situation in hand, but no power until everything is completely sorted. So although today’s strip is up, you can’t read it. Apparently the server will be back up later tonight or tomorrow.

I’m back to 3 times a week posting incidentally. For the forseeable future Roughs will stick to the Sunday/Wednesday/Friday updates that I started with.