Test Pressing - White Label
Shirt - back
Logo - closeup

I’ve just received the test print of the first t-shirt since I started doing gay comics. I’ve always sort of wanted to do some, but never really got around to it. But I’m going to be exhibiting at the Hairrison street festival this year, and I think people will be more likely to buy shirts and carry them around with them than they will be to carry around comics and art prints, so that spurred me. It’s a 2 color design, and the image comes from the final page of SHIRTLIFTER Issue #1. I think they turned out rather well, and am definitely going to do more in the coming months.

The run is being done by Shayne from who I modelled some t-shirts for a while back. I’ll probably be making them available through that site as well, but for right now it’ll be available at Hairrison and right here.

Click Here to order.

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