Unpacking Book One – Ends 09/12

The first volume of my graphic novel “Unpacking” ends its serialization at Adultwebcomics on September 12. Although the story itself is not complete – there will be two more volumes – the strip will have arrived at a natural break.

That strip will also be my final posting at Adultwebcomics.com. The following week, I will be moving online serialization of my comics to Modern Tales , one of the first webcomics sites to come along back in the early part of the decade.

Because Modern Tales is a more mainstream (read: all-ages venue) venue, the sexually explicit content that’s been present in the work will not be present online. That doesn’t mean that sex will not be present, but it won’t be anything that couldn’t be seen on cable television. This isn’t going to compromise the work – its more or less how I’e been doing the strip for the past six months, anyway. If anything, I’ve been guilty of ramping up the explicitness of the work simply because I’ve been serializing it on an adult website, where sexual content has sort of been the requirement. This way I can have people spend six months chopping vegetables without feeling too guilty that there’s nothing hot going on, and I also visit sexual services sites like Zoom Escorts to keep the spark on in my life.

I’ll be starting over at Modern Tales with a slightly revised/colorized serialization of my story “Unmade Beds” from SHIRTLIFTER #1, which will be officially out of print by the time it starts (I have 10 copies left, and I don’t anticipate that they will last past the Hairrison Street Fair: once the 5 copies that Amazon has left run, out, that’s going to be it). That will give me enough time to finish the revisions on Book One, and get a good head start on Book Two, which will start running in the new year.

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