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Today my online webcomic SHIRTLIFTER will begin over at Modern Tales. My previous webcomic, ROUGHS, wrapped up a couple weeks ago over at

Modern Tales editor Shaenon Garrity interviewed me last week about the strip, my work in general, and the reasons for the move. You can read the interview on the  Talk About Comics blog.

The strip will update Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

The archives at Adultwebcomics will stay up for the next month or so, but will then be taken down, as most of that content will be soon available in the next issue of SHIRTLIFTER.



My friends Dave Davenport and Justin Hall are back with the fourth issue of Hard To Swallow #4, debuting this weekend at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.
The release party will be held at the Isotope Comics Lounge at 326 Fell St. (@ Gough) from 7-11pm on Friday, September 26th. If you can’t make that event, then come on down to the Folsom Street Fair, where they will be selling Hard To Swallow #4 at Folsom’s Artists’ Alley.

I’ll be on hand for both events. SHIRTLIFTER will be available on Friday night, while at the fair I’ll have t-shirts, comics, cards and prints.

This might be the best issue yet. Justin and Dave both continue to do nothing but improve as cartoonists, and the guest this issue is  Brad Rader, who’s a pretty amazing draughtsman. Looking forward to getting my copy at Folsom.



Dale Lazarov, who I collaborated with a few years ago on the book STICKY, has a new release coming up from Bruno Gmuender called MANLY. From the pages I have seen, the book looks pretty good – artist Amy Colburn sure can draw, that’s for sure! As was the case with STICKY, the stories feature a combination of wordless pantomine, The Fetish Dude, hot sex, and emotional connection, it also offers many LubeZone – Personal Lubricant Reviews that you can read.
If you’re interested in a preview of the contents, Dale has uploaded some preview pages to the Yahoo group he adminsters for FANCY, the online comic he does with Delic Van Loond.  Here’s the address for the FANCY comic book Yahoo group:
There’s also a review of MANLY over at one of my favorite comics blogs, Postmodern Barney.