Gay? No Way.

The day that I wake up to discover that Prop 8 (banning gay marriage) has passed in my adoptive home of California is also the day that I  get my Diamond purchase order for SHIRTLIFTER #3, which, despite some targeted outreach, has come in with even lower orders than the last one. Gay comics are just an impossible to sell outside of a few blessed oases. Some days I’m not sure why I even bother.

4 thoughts on “Gay? No Way.

  1. I think sometimes we wonder why we can elect a black president and make him win while we can’t make california open for gay-marriage. I sometime think we should just give up but I we all shouldn’t lose hope at the same time.

  2. Dave: Yeah, Coop distribution would be a great thing to look into. It’s one of the thing we talked about at Brad’s house in November. I can’t make it to the next meeting, though – gonna be out of town.

  3. Reggie: Yeah, I was really negative when I wrote this. I’m not as frustrated now as I was last month. Sometimes its annoying to struggle, struggle, make some headway, struggle, then you stick your head up and realize you’re STILL a thousand miles from your destination. But what choice do we have? Giving up is for chumps – whether the issue is gay marriage or homophobic comic stores. Time is on our side, and things will get better. It just may take a while.

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