Website Update

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the website has been updated. SHIRTLIFTER #3 is now listed in the comics section, with a link to an extended preview and buttons which allow you to order from¬† Amazon (pre-ordering, anyway – it will be shipping from them at the end of the month) and from me. This issue features material from myself, Justin Hall and Fuzzbelly. It’s 88 pages, 2 color, and is $13 shipping included,¬† or $15 with a card of your choice. $20 gets you issues #2, #3 and a card, shipping included.

I’ve also updated the card and prints section, there is a lot of new material there (you can see a few examples at the top and bottom of the blog). You might want to take advantage of the Pre-Xmas special: Cards are now 3 for $10 (+$1.50 shipping) or 5 for $15 (shipping included).

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