Book of Boy Trouble Review

Critic Greg McElhaton posted an overwhelming positive review for the new Book of Boy Trouble 2 over on his blog Read About Comics. He called out the piece I did with Todd as one of the highlights, which was surprising and encouraging. He went through the book with a fair amount of detail, and was enthusiastic about the series’ direction.

I got to see my copies when I was at APE, and I agree with him that it’s definitely the most attractive book in the series thus far. The opportunity for everyone to work in full color resulted in some very nice looking pieces. The full contributor’ list is: Tony Arena, Craig Bostick, Todd Brower, Jennifer Camper,  Derek Charm, Howard Cruse, Abby Denson, Michael Fahy, Tim Fish, Justin Hall, Andy Hartzell, Victor Hodge, Brett Hopkins, GB Jones, David Kelly, Robert Kirby, Nick Leonard, Ed Luce, Jon Macy, Steve MacIsaac, Dave Oretega, Bill Roundy, Sina Shamsavari, Robert Triptow. What was especially amazing about APE is how many of these people were actually in attendance, so I was able to get a lot of the contributors to sign their piece. Hopefully I’ll be able to track the people I missed down at the next few cons I go to.

It’s published by Green Candy Press and available through Amazon.

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