Seq Tart Interview/Jog Review

An interview I did with Katherine Keller in November is now live at the Sequential Tart website. She asked a lot of questions about background and process that I don’t think have been in any other interviews I’ve done. If you’ve got  a few minutes to kill and want to know more about my work then head on over. She also did some reviews of each issue: 1, 2 and 3.

Prominent comics blogger Jog (aka Joe McCulloch) has just posted a long review of SHIRTLIFTER #3. It’ s a pretty astute review – he picked up on a lot of the things I was trying to do with the book, and his criticisms are fair and not off-the-mark: he takes the book on its own terms – it’s one of the reasons why I like his blog in the first place, whether he’s reviewing a new Batman comic or an experimental mini-comic, he tries to work within a critical framework appropriate to the genre or intent of the work.

I’m especially grateful for his response to an email sent to him which >(I assume sarcastically) expressed hope that all high profil superhero comics reviews would be followed by porn coverage. Comics is a still a remarkably homophobic, sex-negative industry that, paradoxically, the more I get involved with the more I feel isolated from. It would have been really easy to reassert his heterosexual credibility by falling in line with knee-jerk snark. The fact that he felt no need to do so is just really classy. Thanks, Joe.

Comment Spam

I just approved some comments that were sitting in the junk folder, some for a few months. Sorry about that: until I got a new spam filter a few months ago I used to get, no joke, 1000 spam comments a day, and there was no way I was going through all of them to see if there were any good ones umped in by accident – I’ve got COMICS to draw! So I sort of got out of the habit of doing it. It’s not so bad now, but the habit was formed. I’ll try to be more diligent about this in the future – I like getting comments, I’ll even answer them now that I know they exist!

#3 Online Availability

Amazon has sold through almost all the copies I’ve sent them of #3 a week after the book was received. I’ve just shipped off a bunch more, which should get to them by early next week; any orders will be fulfilled by them as soon as stock is processed, which will probably be in about 7-10 days or so. There’s still one left of #3 as I write this, and plenty of #2.

UPDATE: The last #3 at Amazon is gone.

I’m going to be out of town from Xmas after Sunday, December 15. Any orders placed through the website by Friday midnight will go out before I leave. After that, I won’t be shipping anything until January. So anyone thinking about getting a book for Christmas should either order from me ASAP or go through Amazon.