Seq Tart Interview/Jog Review

An interview I did with Katherine Keller in November is now live at the Sequential Tart website. She asked a lot of questions about background and process that I don’t think have been in any other interviews I’ve done. If you’ve got  a few minutes to kill and want to know more about my work then head on over. She also did some reviews of each issue: 1, 2 and 3.

Prominent comics blogger Jog (aka Joe McCulloch) has just posted a long review of SHIRTLIFTER #3. It’ s a pretty astute review – he picked up on a lot of the things I was trying to do with the book, and his criticisms are fair and not off-the-mark: he takes the book on its own terms – it’s one of the reasons why I like his blog in the first place, whether he’s reviewing a new Batman comic or an experimental mini-comic, he tries to work within a critical framework appropriate to the genre or intent of the work.

I’m especially grateful for his response to an email sent to him which >(I assume sarcastically) expressed hope that all high profil superhero comics reviews would be followed by porn coverage. Comics is a still a remarkably homophobic, sex-negative industry that, paradoxically, the more I get involved with the more I feel isolated from. It would have been really easy to reassert his heterosexual credibility by falling in line with knee-jerk snark. The fact that he felt no need to do so is just really classy. Thanks, Joe.

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