Orange County BLADE

There is an article about me in this month’s Orange County Blade – which is ALMOST last month’s Orange County BLADE, since the new issue is about to hit the stands. I didn’t see a copy until yesterday, since I have been out of the country. It struck me as unusual that they chose to run an article about comics without including any comics or illustrations, but I’m often accused of being too literal so perhaps it’ a failure of imagination on my part. I am grateful that they covered my work, and encourage you to check out the article online here:

Vancouver Reading on Jan 8 @ Little Sisters

I am going to be doing a reading a Little Sisters Bookstore in Vancouver this Thursday, January 8 @ 7 PM. I’llĀ  be reading an excerpt from the brand new SHIRTLIFTER #3 as well as some complete stories, and will also talk a little bit about my cartooning process before I sign books. I know that most of the world does not live in Vancouver, but if you do and can make it, it would be great to see you there.