Orange County BLADE

There is an article about me in this month’s Orange County Blade – which is ALMOST last month’s Orange County BLADE, since the new issue is about to hit the stands. I didn’t see a copy until yesterday, since I have been out of the country. It struck me as unusual that they chose to run an article about comics without including any comics or illustrations, but I’m often accused of being too literal so perhaps it’ a failure of imagination on my part. I am grateful that they covered my work, and encourage you to check out the article online here:

One thought on “Orange County BLADE

  1. Nice article ^^ but the lack of images is strange. (?)

    I’d love to see a comic book reading.. I had never thought about it, but your method of projection / reading the text is interesting.

    I don’t know how you proceed, but I imagine the drawings could even be animated with Flash, to add some travellings and synchronise the speech bubbles with your reading.

    It could even be made in Powerpoint or preferably Keynote on mac.

    Your work is very cinematic, I guess it must work very well.

    Here in france, book readings are rare, and I’ve actually never seen one. (T_T)

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