Larger Than Life 01

Larger Than Life 01

Not so much posting recently. I AM working on new stuff. This is an illustration in progress for a piece I’m creating for an upcoming anthology called “I Like It Like That.”  I’ll be putting up a few more images from the story over the next couple of weeks.


Weirdly enough, my comics have never been available in the city where I live. But that’s now changed: if you’re in Long Beach you can march down to Open Books, a used bookstore on 4th Street that also sells a small selection of new books, CDs and zines, with an emphasis on local artists. Website is here, physical address is 2226 E 4th Street, Long Beach, CA 90802.

Fluxion 4

Fluxion 4

This is the cover to the fourth issue of Mark Harvey’s Fluxion magazine. Originally scheduled to come out about 2 years ago, it’s recently  been released as an online PDF. Looking at it, I can see why he had to move it online – it’s 236 pages of essays, art and photography, all full color and impeccably designed. It may still see print as a limited edition hardcover, and I hope it does – it’s pretty gorgeous looking. I’m the only comics contribution – the curious can see the original version of my story “Border Crossings”, which had a different page format and layout. I didn’t change very much in the second version – basically all I did was move from a 16 panel basic grid over 6 pages to a 9 panel grid in the revised one. I think I had to extend a couple panels and maybe redraw one or two, but the writing is pretty much identical. I’m not sure which version I prefer – I thought that the original layout was too dense and oppressive, but looking at it now I sort of like that about it. The page is larger so I can get away with it more than on a traditional comics page. Anyway, one of the things I like about reprints and reworking is that you can have a couple different versions of something out there.  “Safe” is kind of like that too – when it gets reprinted in this year’s “Best Erotic Comics” volume it’ll be the third time it sees print, and all of them are slightly different. It’s the kind of thing that likely drives some people mad, but I like resisting the idea of any kind of “definitive” version of a story.

Anyway, the whole issue can be seen here. Go check it out, there’s lots of great stuff in there.

EDIT: Oops, I Put in the wrong link before. Try it again.


Just thought I would take a minute to let y’all know about some recent press activity.

The District Weekly, the alternative paper here in Long Beach, wrote a story about me for this week’s issue, their second annual SEX issue. Some minor facts got somewhat garbled,  but they’re not things that anyone else is going to pick up on and/or care about so I am going to continue standing outside this building and acting nonchalant. I really must have been depressed when I answered the phone call, though. People just LOVE having their sex cut with a good measure of bleak. you won’t believe what you read here

Some online reviews came down the pike this week as well from Don McPherson and Rob Clough. Both reviewers were pretty positive, especially about the writing, which I’m happy about. Hopefully in the new issue the writing and art will be in a bit better balance.