New Card: Arms Cross


This is a new card/print I’ll have available at the Tom of Finland Erotic Art Fair that is taking place in West Hollywood Park this weekend (march 28 – 29th).  The image is from a story that I was doing for an anthology and then killed because while I was happy with the drawing, the writing wasn’t going anywhere. This is the same story that the “Larger than Life” drawing a few posts down was taken from, which I am also turning into a card.  I’m submitting a different piece to the anthology, and this one isn’t exactly dead – just dormant while I figure out how to fix it. In the meantime, that  leaves me with a few different new drawings that I AM happy with, including this one.

The fair is a fun time if you’ve never been. I’m sitting on a panel discussion about gay erotic comics on Saturday at 3:00, so if you’re at the fair then keep your ears peeled for me going on at great length about something or other…

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