Seattle Erotic Art Festival

I was selected to be part of this year’s Seattle Erotic Art Festival, running May 1 – 3 at the Seattle Exhibition Center. Two pieces were selected as part of the exhibition, including the image you see here (the other is too explicit to put up on this blog).

I’ll be in town for the duration of the festival. It’s different from any of the other Festivals I have participated in, in that I will not be behind a table selling my wares the entire time. Instead, there’s a festival store, which will carry a (limited) number of my prints and comics.

I will be a participant on panel looking at Gay Erotic Comics Panel on Saturday May 2, from 11:30am-12:30pm. The other participants will be Dale Lazarov (who I worked with on STICKY), Patrick Fillion, and Drubskin. I’ve never been on a panel with any of these guys before, though I have previously met them all on separate occassions. It promises to be an interesting session. The panel is taking place at the Sharma Center,  which is located at 406 Dexter St. I don’t know Seattle very well, but I think that’s close to the convention center where the exhibition is happening.

I’ve also been asked to do portfolio reviews while I am there. So anyone in the Seattle area who wants to have a one on one session with me about their work should email me directly about scheduling:

Recent Reviews

Brian Cronin has a review of SHIRTLIFTERs #2 and #3 up over at the Comics Should Be Good blog, kicking off their “A Month of Self-Published Comics” feature. He’s very, very positive about #2, and very, very ambivalent about #3. He’s not the first person to have that response, though I also know people who think #3 is the strongest thing I’ve done. At least I know that they’re different from each other and #3 isn’t just more of the same.

There’s also a review of #1 up from Paul aka The Gay Comics Geek over at DoorQ. He’s ambivalent about the art, but thinks the writing is strong.

Speaking of issue #1, I’m almost finished posting my reinked/colored version over at Modern Tales; the last tier gets put up on Monday, April 13. After that’s up, I’ll take a little bit of a vacation there, and then begin serializing the continuation of “Unpacking” over there on “April 20”.