Recent Reviews

Brian Cronin has a review of SHIRTLIFTERs #2 and #3 up over at the Comics Should Be Good blog, kicking off their “A Month of Self-Published Comics” feature. He’s very, very positive about #2, and very, very ambivalent about #3. He’s not the first person to have that response, though I also know people who think #3 is the strongest thing I’ve done. At least I know that they’re different from each other and #3 isn’t just more of the same.

There’s also a review of #1 up from Paul aka The Gay Comics Geek over at DoorQ. He’s ambivalent about the art, but thinks the writing is strong.

Speaking of issue #1, I’m almost finished posting my reinked/colored version over at Modern Tales; the last tier gets put up on Monday, April 13. After that’s up, I’ll take a little bit of a vacation there, and then begin serializing the continuation of “Unpacking” over there on “April 20”.

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