New Story: Amanuensis

I posted back in February about a story I was working on for an upcoming anthology; I wound up not finishing that piece and doing something else entirely; the completed story is called “Amanuensis”, and it’s finally out in this book:

I Like It LIke That

The book’s called It’s called “I Like It Like That”, and is published by Arsenal Pulp Press. It is a collection of autobiographical erotic writing edited by Richard LaBonte and Lawrence Schimel, who asked an assortment of authors from the United States and Canada to talk about what turns them on.

My piece is one of two comics in the book (the other is from my buddy Justin Hall). The story is called “Amanuensis” and is about my first experience having a threesome. Here is the first page from the book (click on each image to link to a larger version).


It’s available on Amazon and other outlets for those of you who may be interested.

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