SHIRTLIFTER #1 (Second Edition)


One of the reasons I have not been so active on this blog is that I have been busy putting the final touches on the reprint/redesign of SHIRTLIFTER #1. Last year on Modern Tales I serialized a colored and somewhat redrawn version of “Unmade Beds”, the story that was in that first issue. I have done some further redrawing and recoloring and am finally sending it to the printers again. The “new” cover – really a redesigned version of the old cover focusing only on one of the previous cover’s three elements – is above, and a preview of the first five pages of the story is below.

I will have copies of the book in time for the Toronto Comics Art Festival in May, and it will be available to retailers by June. You can pre-order through Amazon or get a personalized copy from me directly through my website. You can also support your local bookseller and turn them on to a new book they might wish to carry by asking them to get ahold of it, in which case you will need the ISBN number: 978-0-9791349-3-7.

If you enjoy reading the comic online I hope you will take this opportunity to pick up the print edition, so that I’m able to continue the series.