Wondercon Panel

Just a reminder that I am at Wondercon this weekend for anyone who happens to be in the Bay Area. I’ll have copies of SHIRTLIFTER #1 – 3, archival prints, and preview galleys of SHIRTLIFTER #4

I will also be participating in a panel today. The panel description is below. Hope to see some of you there!

Title: “Writing Queer: Creating and Writing LGBT Characters”,
Time: Saturday, April 2nd, 6-7pm in
Location: Room 254/256.
Panel Description: Creating genuine and well-rounded LGBT characters is a profound challenge for writers, as they must give voice to a population whose stories have been kept hidden for so long. How do writers, both queer and straight, mainstream and independent, create narratives that reflect the diversity and humanity of LGBT individuals, as well as the obstacles that face them? Moderator Justin Hall leads a spirited conversation with some of the most dynamic writers working in comics including Paige Braddock, Steve MacIsaac, Jon Macy, James Robinson (DC Comics’ Justice League of America), and Marc Andreyko.