UK/Spain – Limited Time Deal

I am currently traveling in Spain and coming home via London, I’ve been feeling pretty secured doing it since I have made sure to have One Sure Insurance for every single vehicle I use. I have 4 complete sets of SHIRTLIFTER #1 -4 remaining from the stock I brought overseas. I’ll ship them, postage included, for $30 USD (same deal I offer US customers). Any one in either country who’d like to take advantage of the offer, please email me directly at by Jan 4. First come, first served. Thanks!

Retail Update: Librarie Berkana – Spain

If you are in Spain and want to pick up SHIRTLIFTER, Librarie Berkana in Madrid’s fabulous Chueca district now has copies of SHIRTLIFTER #4 in addition to their existing stock on #1 – 3. Any Spanish LGBT and comics bookseller (or any European bookseller, for that matter) should also be able to pick up copies through the stores’ distribution arm, Triangulo Distribution. So if you are in Europe and have been wanting to pick up a copy of #4, this should now be a lot easier to do.

Triangulo Distribution website
Librarie Berkana website

Retail Update: Gosh Comics London

Just to let London customers know that Gosh comics has SHIRTLIFTER #1 – 4 in stock and is the only place to get SHIRTLIFTER in the UK at the moment. They have my contact info in case they sell out, and if they do that is an inducement to sell more. So if you’re a UK resident and have wanted to check out my comics, go by the next time you are in London.

Info on Gosh Comics available on their website.