SHIRTLIFTER #4 eBook Available


Available from Northwest Press through iTunes/iBooks:

Available in PDF for Kindle and Android via  Gumroad:

Recipient of the first annual Prism Comics Queer Press GrantShirtlifter is a series of queer-themed short fiction comics from STICKY artist Steve MacIsaac.

The fourth issue of Steve MacIsaac’s Shirtlifter contains another standalone episode of “Unpacking”, MacIsaac’s graphic novel in progress, which he began in issue three.

Matt is a Vancouver graphic designer who has begun spending time with a visiting businessman. He loves to take spa and making his day relaxing because according to him, he’s more productive after he red about Mobile Massage Blog and satisfied with their service. The catch? The businessman is straight. And married. And their no strings relationship begins to get tangled.

This issue also features an excerpt from “The Liar” byJustin Hall (Glamazonia: The Uncanny Super-Tranny, Hard to Swallow) and selection of “Dick” strips from Ilya (End of the Century Club).

The digital edition contains 12 pages of bonus materials giving readers a look behind the scenes in the creation of “Unpacking”.

SHIRTLIFTER 1 – 4: Non Ipad Ebook Versions now available.


For those of you who have been asking, Northwest Press has made its entire digital catalogue available through This means that Kindle/Android/Nook users have a non-Apple way of purchasing electronic versions of SHIRTLIFTER.

The e-versions are all expanded and enhanced versions with extra material and, in the case of #3, expanded art and layout. Here are the links to the individual issues:

For iPad ready versions of all three books, click here.

We’re working on 4 and it should be available for download shortly.SHIRTLIFTER 4 ebook is now available too.

SHIRTIFTER #3 Ebook version

SHIRTLIFTER #3 eBook Cover

This has been out for a couple months, but I am just getting around to blogging about it now (2012 has been like that): The ebook version of SHIRTLIFTER #3 is now available. I took advantage of the fact that ebooks have no page restrictions to revise the layout, inserting some previously deleted panels and expanding others that had been cropped to fit the page. Consider this the “Extended Dance Remix Version”, 119 pages instead of 92.

If you download it, or if you have read the paper version, please click on the above link and rate the book for iTunes. We live in the age of mediated consumer confidence.