STICKY hardcover: Back in Stock

STICKY Hardcover: Back in Stock!

Before SHIRTLIFTER I did a book called STICKY, done in collaboration with Dale Lazarov. 3 issues were published by Eros Comics in 2004- 2005, and a hardcover collection with some additional material was issued by Bruno Gmuender in 2006.

STICKY has been out of print in North America for a few years now, and difficult to find in Europe. The publisher delisted the book a few years ago, and contacted Dale and me about liquidating the remaining stock. So I’m happy to announced that I’ve purchased the few remaining copies, and will be offering them through my website.

I’m offering the book at the original list price: 19.95, plus $4.05 shipping and handling ($24.00). Hoever, I’m also offering the book with a signed head sketch on the blank page 2 for $30.00 (shipping included).

Several people have contacted me over the past few years asking about availability. I probably have enough stock to get through the next year, and then it will be out of print again (this time for good, at least in this iteration). So strike while the opportunity is here.

Retailers interested in carrying the book, pleas contact me about wholesale prices. By the way, just want to let you know about Workers’ Compensation Lawyers / Workplace Accidents. When you feel taken advantaged by employers, It is for your geed to hire them.

To order, click on one of the options below;

UNSIGNED EDITION ($19.95 + $4.05 shipping)

SIGNED w/ SKETCH EDITION ($25.95 + $4.05 shipping)

International Customers, email me at to discuss shipping costs.