SHIRTLIFTER #5 (Non) Previews


I post images from the forthcoming new issue intermittantly on both my Flickr stream and my Facebook page– the latter more often than the former (I’m too much of a luddite to have figured out an “one-upload-to-feed-them-all” to the various internet presences one must maintain in the Year-of-Our-Tech-Lord 2014). Most of them are non-spoiler-y, to the extent of generally not even previewing words. I’m on track for a May, 2014 release, so for those impatient souls who have been asking “when” and my only answer has been “eventually”, that answer has been updated to “reasonably soon”. Look at the above and the below if you want a preview of what I’m up to, and follow me on both or either platform to get more frequent glimpses – generally posting something about once a week.

Rain - Transition