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So SHIRTLIFTER #4 has been printed and most copies are on their way down to Long Beach. However, two boxes are sitting in Toronto waiting for me at my TCAF table. I haven’t seen the final results yet, I’m always nervous when I print a new book that I will open it up and I will have put all the pages in the wrong order or something. But I think that if the final product turns out as well as the proofs, it’s going to be the best looking issue yet. Please come by my table at TCAF to pick up a copy if you are in the Toronto area.

There is a 12 page preview online at Modern Tales. Those of you who followed the strip when it was serialized can see that while both scenes in the preview may look familiar, the dialogue is completely different and reads substantially differently than previously. That’s typical of the entire book, so its worth checking out even for those of you that may be already familiar with the story

For those of you who pre-ordered, the books will go out after they arrive in Long Beach, sometime around the 15th. For those of you who did not, it will be available for purchase through Amazon and through my usual retail outlets.

It is also of course available here on this website, and I am running the following specials up until June 10th. Just click on one of the options below and your choice will be shipped to you when I get back to the States in mid-May. (NOTE: If you are viewing this via an RSS feed or Facebook the “Add to Cart” buttons may not show up – please go to http://www.stevemacisaac.com/blog if that happens)

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Special #1: Free Shipping for SHIRTLIFTER #4.
Purchase the new issue at cover price ($12.95) and a signed copy will make its way to you with free shipping.

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Special #2: Signed SHIRTLIFTER #4 + 8.5 x 11 Print = $25.00 (Shipping Included) ($10 savings)

Print #

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Special #3: Signed run of SHIRTLIFTER #1 – 4 + $30.00 (Shipping included) (>$10 savings)

TCAF This Weekend

TCAF This weekend

I will be at TCAF this weekend (May 7 – 8) debuting the hot off the presses SHIRTLIFTER #4. If you’re in the Toronto area, please make sure to stop by and say hello. I will also be attending the Queer Comics Mixer on Saturday evening from 6;30 – 9:30 at Crews/Tango at 508 Church street, so if you can’t make the festival during the day, by all means come by that night.

Wondercon Panel

Just a reminder that I am at Wondercon this weekend for anyone who happens to be in the Bay Area. I’ll have copies of SHIRTLIFTER #1 – 3, archival prints, and preview galleys of SHIRTLIFTER #4

I will also be participating in a panel today. The panel description is below. Hope to see some of you there!

Title: “Writing Queer: Creating and Writing LGBT Characters”,
Time: Saturday, April 2nd, 6-7pm in
Location: Room 254/256.
Panel Description: Creating genuine and well-rounded LGBT characters is a profound challenge for writers, as they must give voice to a population whose stories have been kept hidden for so long. How do writers, both queer and straight, mainstream and independent, create narratives that reflect the diversity and humanity of LGBT individuals, as well as the obstacles that face them? Moderator Justin Hall leads a spirited conversation with some of the most dynamic writers working in comics including Paige Braddock, Steve MacIsaac, Jon Macy, James Robinson (DC Comics’ Justice League of America), and Marc Andreyko.

SHIRTLIFTER 4: Discount Preorders (Limited Time)

SHIRTLIFTER 4 - Provisional Cover

This is the provisional cover for SHIRTLIFTER #4. It’s probably going to change – I would say colors definitely, and the top image will 90% be something else. It’s a placeholder while I get everything else finished up.

Here are the details:

The book will be 80 pages, full color, and has a cover price of $11.95.
ISBN 978-0-9791349-4-4

The bulk of the issue (62 pages) is “Unpacking, Book 2” – the continuation of the story I began in issue #3. The rest will be fleshed out by a selection of “Dick” strips from British comics artist Ilya (Ed Hillyer) and another excerpt from Justin Hall’s “The Liar”, which was also featured in Issue #3.

Preorder Option 1:I am taking preorders for the next two weeks at a discounted price of $10 (shipping included) because this time I’d really like to not have to wait two and half years to break even on my printer bill. The more cash I have going into it up front, the less financial liability down the line.

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Preorder Option 2:
If you feel like ponying up a little more, $15 will get you the comic and a greeting card of your choice. Just choose a card # from the menu on the website.

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Preorder Option 3:$20 will gets you the comic plus a 8″ x 11″ signed print. Specify the print number from the link on the left, otherwise I’ll send you something I think you’ll like.

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If you order now, you’ll get the book when I get the bulk of my shipment from the printer, which will be mid to late May.

This is a limited time offer – I’ll accept discounted reorders for the next two and half weeks, up until April 10th. After that, copies from the website will be shipped at full retail + postage, which will be around $14.

Although this offer is targeted to Americans, international readers are free to participate. However, there will be a shipping surcharge of $8.00 to cover the extra postage. It’s really expensive to ship internationally now.

Ordering is through the website (www.stevemacisaac.com) only. Thanks in advance!

Tom of Finland Erotic Art Fair This Weekend (March 27 – 28)

Tom of Finland Art Fair Image (Facebook Safe)

In addition to my artwork being used on the background of one of this year’s promo cards, I will be one of the artists exhibiting at this year’s Erotic Art Festival in West Hollywood.

I took last year off, so this is my first time exhibiting since 2009. I’ll have copies of SHIRTLIFTER to sell, some new prints, and galleys of SHIRTLIFTER #4 to look at. Come on by if you’re in LA this weekend.

Festival takes place in West Hollywood Park. For more information go to the following page:
TOFF Erotic Art Fair Event Page

Almost Ready / Upcoming Appearances

Almost Ready / Upcoming Appearances

Just an FYI that I will be exhibiting at the following upcoming events:

Tom of Finland Foundation Erotic Art Fair , March 25 – 27, West Hollywood Park.
Wondercon in San Francisco on April 1 – 3 (in partnership with Prism Comics)

More Information on both events is available by clicking through the links provided above.

Although I was half hoping that SHIRTLIFTER #4 would be finished in time for these two shows, it’s been apparent for months now that that would not be the case: I am just now putting the finishing touches on the comic, and will be sending it to the printers in early April.

It WILL be ready for the Toronto Comics Arts Festival, which runs May 8 – 9. I’ll post information about ordering info and other summer festivals and signings soon.

Shameless Request

Technology (detail)

If anyone reading this has read SHIRTLIFTER #1, 2, or 3 – would you mind taking a few minutes and doing a customer review of one of the issues over at Amazon? It doesn’t have to be super long, but having reviews can definitely help sales – especially for readers who are on the fence about purchasing. Reviews for the new edition of #1 would be especially helpful, as there’s currently

As a reward, I promise that I’m still working on #4, that it is on its way real soon, and that I will keep giving you sneak peaks.

Links to the books:
Shirtlifter #1

Shirtlifter #2

Shirtlifter #3

Thanks for any help you can give. It would really be appreciated.



Photo at the this website is a self-portrait from my art school days. Yes, I used to have hair.

Shirtlifter 4 Revisions: Progress Report 1

New Panels 1

I’m in the middle of revising the first of the two “Unpacking” chapters that will make up SHIRTLIFTER #4.

Part of the revisions is changing the color scheme, since I started the book planning for a duotone color scheme, which morphed into full color as my draft progressed.

Another part is rewriting. A third is getting rid of unnecessary material (only been a few panels here and there so far).

Another part is adding material. This is a panel from a complete new sequence that will be inserted about halfway through the chapter.

Revising is actually a lot more fun than working on the first draft – maybe because I can see the finish line. Hoping to get all the redrawing done by March.