New Card: Arms Cross


This is a new card/print I’ll have available at the Tom of Finland Erotic Art Fair that is taking place in West Hollywood Park this weekend (march 28 – 29th).  The image is from a story that I was doing for an anthology and then killed because while I was happy with the drawing, the writing wasn’t going anywhere. This is the same story that the “Larger than Life” drawing a few posts down was taken from, which I am also turning into a card.  I’m submitting a different piece to the anthology, and this one isn’t exactly dead – just dormant while I figure out how to fix it. In the meantime, that  leaves me with a few different new drawings that I AM happy with, including this one.

The fair is a fun time if you’ve never been. I’m sitting on a panel discussion about gay erotic comics on Saturday at 3:00, so if you’re at the fair then keep your ears peeled for me going on at great length about something or other…

Portrait – John

I going to try to start posting more art on this thing — if only because, in the absence of having anything substantive to say, I will otherwise only post on this thing once a month at most, which is not what people want or expect in the blogosphere. Besides, I am almost alwaysworking on new art so — why not make it easy on myself?

To begin with – a commission that I completed over the weekend. Will try to get something up once a week. Some of it will be beefcake…some not. You’ll just have to check in to see…

Bazaar Bizarre? Spectacular Spectacular!

This Saturday I will be returning for my second year at the Los Angeles iteration of Bazaar Bizarre. BazBiz is an alternative craft fair started by Greg Der Ananian in Boston six years ago, and which now has four locations around the country. “This ain’t your granny’s craft show” is one way that the show has been described, but its more about reinterpretation and reclamation than it is about rejection. There’s lots of goodies to be had — there’s a high amount of homemade jewelry and clothing, but lots of other things going on as well.

As for me, in addition to the decidely non-crafty things such as books and comics, I will have my usually assortment of greeting cards (including a few new ones); my infamous “Well Hung” Christmas ornaments (some repeating from lst year, in addition to a couple new ones), art prints, and a few hand painted t-shirts. Fun starts at 11 AM and runs until 7 PM. Note: the LA show is pretty popular, and the ATM ran out of cash last year, so I would be prepared.

“This is our cub…GRRRRRRR!”

Hot off the presses, an drawing I did for my friends Craig and George, who are going on a bear cruise next weekend and needed something for their door. The right hand which looks like it is holding something will have a real plastic pumpkin attached containing candy.

L’étranger gai

Just drew a couple of illustrations for the Seattle alternative weekly The Stranger. It’s their gay pride issue, and they asked me for drawings to accompany articles on the need a one hour disclosure rules for flirtatious straights, and on being “too gay”. I don’t know that the second one makes any sense out of context, so if you want to read the article you can check out the illos in context at the above link (the paper should be online starting Wednesday).

The last Goode Person

…not in the world, but in this series of illustrations.

This is another picture of company founder Joe Goode, this time performing from a piece called “29 Effeminite Gestures”. This is one of the butcher poses from the performance….