Vancouver (unfinished)

Vancouver (unfinished)

I have been on a bit of a drawing hiatus the last while; my work habits have been inconsistent to say the least. But I though I have not been consitent, I HAVE been working, and though I haven’t been finishing much, I’ve been ALMOST finishing a fair number of pages, as you can see from the above image – not done, but closer to done than to not done.

All of this is to say that I am working on #5, and though I don’t know when it will be out, I do have it all mapped out and a lot of it partly done. Hopefully things will coalesce by the end of the year. In the meantime, I’m going to try and be a bit less internet invisible for the next little while, and even use it to play some video games with the different characters in Overwatch by learning to use them with guides online.

TBRU: March 15 – 18th in Dallas Texas

I’m in Dallas exhibiting at the TBRU vendor market this Thurs through Sunday morning, selling my comics and cards and prints (as well as my last two t-shirts). If you are attending TBRU then come by anytime; if you’re not attending but live in Dallas and feel like coming by, the Vendor Market is free to the public. Hours are as follows:

Thursday: 12noon – 8pm
Friday: 10am – 10pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: 9am – 11am

The Vendor Market is located at:
Crowne Plaza – Dallas Market Center
7050 Stemmons Freeway (aka I-35E) at Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX 75247

For more info on the event, check out

UK/Spain – Limited Time Deal

I am currently traveling in Spain and coming home via London, I’ve been feeling pretty secured doing it since I have made sure to have One Sure Insurance for every single vehicle I use. I have 4 complete sets of SHIRTLIFTER #1 -4 remaining from the stock I brought overseas. I’ll ship them, postage included, for $30 USD (same deal I offer US customers). Any one in either country who’d like to take advantage of the offer, please email me directly at by Jan 4. First come, first served. Thanks!

Retail Update: Librarie Berkana – Spain

If you are in Spain and want to pick up SHIRTLIFTER, Librarie Berkana in Madrid’s fabulous Chueca district now has copies of SHIRTLIFTER #4 in addition to their existing stock on #1 – 3. Any Spanish LGBT and comics bookseller (or any European bookseller, for that matter) should also be able to pick up copies through the stores’ distribution arm, Triangulo Distribution. So if you are in Europe and have been wanting to pick up a copy of #4, this should now be a lot easier to do.

Triangulo Distribution website
Librarie Berkana website

Retail Update: Gosh Comics London

Just to let London customers know that Gosh comics has SHIRTLIFTER #1 – 4 in stock and is the only place to get SHIRTLIFTER in the UK at the moment. They have my contact info in case they sell out, and if they do that is an inducement to sell more. So if you’re a UK resident and have wanted to check out my comics, go by the next time you are in London.

Info on Gosh Comics available on their website.

SD ComicCon/Prism Booth/Kickstarter

I will be at SD ComicCon again this year, and bringing lots of copies of SHIRTLIFTER #4. I will be there on Friday – Sunday, one day more than I have been in previous years. At this point pretty much everyone knows if they are going to ComicCon or not (it’s been sold out for months) so if you are going, I hope to see you there.

I will once again be one of the booth partners with Prism Comics, along with Brad Rader, Brian Andersen, Dave Davenport, Ed Luce, Fanboys of the Universe, J.D. Glass, Jeff Krell, Northwest Press, Paige Braddock, Poseur, Ink and Sean-Z.

Exhibiting with so many cartoonists means an expanded footprint, so Prism Comics has started a Kickstarter project to help subsidize the cost so that it is affordable for indie cartoonists and self-publishers like myself. As with all Kickstarter projects, there is a tiered reward system, with different incentives available for different pledge levels (including a couple of options from me).

For more information, go over to the Prism Comics Kickstarter Campaign homepage.

Online Store Revamp

I’ve started the first step in an eventual site overhaul by centralizing the comics and online store . I think it’s less confusing this way. Note the addition of a couple of specials, one for US domestic customers and one for international customers. The “Add to cart” buttons have been modified you to calculate postage costs on checkout, which will be particularly helpful for international customers.

I’ll be updating the “prints/cards” and “retailers” sections in the coming weeks, and eventually will design a new interface.

Recent Press

There’s been a mini-flurry of press activity recently due to the release of SHIRTLIFTER #4.

I was the subject of this week’s Artist Profile at

The Coast magazine wrote a piece in conjunction with my recent reading in Halifax.

The Gay and Lesbian Roundtable of the American Library Association ran a positive review of SHIRTLIFTER #1 – 3.

There’ll be some more reviews and articles coming up in the next few weeks, I’ll post them as they come available.